A&H Leather Goods

The story of a 17 year old craftsman with designs on the future...

More than 50 years ago, the founder of A&H Leather Goods began working in a leather wallet factory in western Massachusetts. Tony was a 17 year old young man eager to learn his craft, eager to be a success, and a few years later, eager to start a family and create a good life for them.

Tony accomplished every goal by developing a solid foundation at each level of his professional growth. First, he learned how to work with the leather and then about manufacturing. The next step was to branch out into perhaps the most important department of any company – the sales division. With first-hand knowledge of every aspect of the factory, Tony was proud to share the craftsmanship put into every style of wallet created.

Tony soon realized that the next stage for him was innovation. He listened to his customers, and he even realized that he had some preferences of his own for a wallet. In addition to new efficient and great looking designs for the modern wallet, Tony had his designers create one with his own needs in mind, which resulted in the very clever and practical "Tony Wallet" – an "all in one" design combining a money clip and a wallet.

Tony has traveled all over the world in search of the finest leathers. On these journeys, he has met many of the finest manufacturers of high quality leather products. Tony's ultimate goal these days is to use all of his knowledge and experience to bring his customers a quality leather product at an affordable price. It is poetic and fitting that his journey has brought him back to the values he had as a 17 year old young craftsman at the bench – always good work at a fair price. That's the affordable luxury leather you can put in your pocket today!